Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels

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Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels was created by Jim Bonacci and is an extremely popular ragdoll racing game. Users can design their own levels which can be played by others. There are more than 20.000 playable levels, so the game really has no end. Popular Youtuber like PewDiePie, Jacksepticeye and many more have spent hours to play this game. This is the free version of Happy Wheels with 10 levels and 3 different vehicles.

How To Play Happy Wheels

When it comes to games, there’s a fairly solid division between those that are good and those that are bad. Good games control well, have a great story, and are a great deal of fun. Bad games are, well, bad – there’s something wrong with the game that makes it less than fun to play. Happy Wheels, however, is neither. It is a genuinely horrible game that is, somehow, addictive. It does everything wrong, but that somehow makes it just that much more fun to play.

Happy Wheels puts you in control of a person riding one of several vehicles. The game looks awful – it’s pretty much mobile clip art. You go along an obstacle course, trying to make it to the end. If you hit an obstacle, you’ll suffer some kind of damage – usually bloody and over the top. Your goal in Happy Wheels is to make it to the end without either crashing or being dismembered. The problem, of course, is that the controls are imprecise and it’s hard to judge most of what you’ll do.
Happy Wheels Tips & Tricks

Newbie on Wheels? First you should start with the easier levels. If you are more experienced you can try the harder levels. Some harder levels are really frustrating.
Always take it slow during your first round in a new level. Hitting an obstacle to quickly will kill you.
You hate the controls of the mobile version of Happy Wheels? Play the online flash version here! 🙂
Happy Wheels is laggy or slowing down your computer/phone? Change the Max Particle settings in the settings menu and close all other browser tabs.
Totaljerkface.com is down? Play Happy Wheels on an alternate website!
Want to play Happy Wheels in fullscreen? Go to the settings menu and activate ‘fullscreen’. Press ESCAPE at any time to exit fullscreen mode.

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