Mine Blocks

Mine Blocks

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Mine Blocks

Mine Blocks is a cool mining game with limitless possibilities inspired by the popular Minecraft game. If you have always wanted to create your own fantasy world then you will love this game. In Mine Blocks you need to survive in a randomly generated world of blocks of different materials. Players can explore the world, collecting materials and encountering monsters along the way. Materials are needed to create and build everything they want. To start your life in an new world, you always should start by collecting some wood. Next step is to make wooden planks, 4 wooden planks require 1 wood, from wooden planks you can make sticks and tables, from planks and sticks an axe and so on. Players can also do lots of other things in Mine Blocks like tame animals, you just need to find a wolf and give it bones to turn it into a dog. Fill the inventory with various available blocks that you can find in the map. To build something, use your resources and lay them on the ground until the structure is formed. To transform collected resources into other things, you just have to open the inventory windows and drag selected item to the crafting square. You can also combine different materials to produce more complicated things, such as various weapons and tools. There are lots of things to build and explore in this game so enjoy!



Use ARROW KEYS or WASD to move, double tapping will trigger running/sprinting. Press ARROW UP or SPACE BAR to jump, double-tapping up will make your character fly, but only in a creative mode. Press ‘S’ to crouch. MOUSE to mine, craft and place blocks. To see the full inventory press E. For more information see help-guide in the main menu. In MINE BLOCKS you can also choose a character, skin and it’s animation in the settings.

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