Santa Tracker

Santa Tracker

Santa Tracker

With Google’s Santa Tracker site you have everything you want to know about Santa Claus and his elves for this Christmas Eve. Track Santa to see all the places that he visits while delivering his presents to the children. You can also play fun games and interactive activities available on the web, as well as on Android and iOS.

“From sliding penguins to dancing elves, the residents of the North Pole are having the time of their lives and now you can join in the merriment,” said Tracy Hepler, Google Marketing’s North Pole specialist.

What’s new this year?

There are several new additions to Google’s Santa Tracker and Santa Village this year:

New games – There are new games being rolled out daily, including some that help users brush up on their coding skills and learn about holiday traditions around the world.

Android exclusive games – Android users will find four new games available only via the app. One of the most popular is PresentQuest, a geolocation game where you’ll see how many of Santa’s misplaced gifts you can recover.

Where is Santa? If you have a Pixel device or Google Home, ask it “where is Santa” for some creative responses.

Christmas Eve Santa Tracker

On Christmas Eve, you can track Santa’s sleigh – “arguably the fastest airborne vehicle in the world,” according to Google – as it makes its way across the globe. You can search for Santa’s location directly in Google Maps or at or go to for the latest updates and exclusive games.

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